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Have you ever been frustrated by a recipe?

It always starts off with so much promise; the picture looks beautiful, the description poetic, and the source supposedly reputable, but when the cooking was done and the food served, you're disappointed.

As you stew over your failure, you feel yourself becoming more frustrated, drifting into the realm of irritability, maybe even rage. You spent money on ingredients, time in the kitchen ... your hopes were so high. But that's not the most frustrating part.

The truly infuriating aspect of a failed recipe is when you can't explain what went wrong.

When you understand the basic building blocks of what makes every dish work, then not only can you trouble shoot and customize, you can stop following recipes all together and start creating!

That's why I created the F-STEP Curriculum, to specifically teach you how to unleash your culinary creativity, find your own cooking style, and feel the pure pleasure of expressing yourself through the food you create.

F-STEP is an acronym that stands for Flavor, Sauce, Technique, Execution and Preparation ... the five pillars of cooking if you will.

The F-STEP Curriculum is designed so each section builds on the last, giving you a complete and thorough understanding of how any dish works.

In the first section, F is for Flavor, you'll learn:

How to create balanced flavor structures that take your cooking to the next level.

How to balance salty, sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, and fatty components.

The proper use of umami to enhance the deliciousness of your dish.

How to avoid palate fatigue while creating "flavor punches" and "interruptions."

How to choose high quality, primary ingredients and enhance them with secondary flavor profiles.

In the Sauce Section, you'll learn:

How to create any sauce you could ever imagine using the Three Modern Mother Sauces!

I know that sounds like a bold claim, but it really isn't. Once you understand the flavor concepts outlined in the first section of this curriculum, making your own unique sauce is as simple as painting flavor structure over technique. And the best part is, there are only three techniques you'll use to create any sauce; reduction, emulsification, and puree.

Once the best practices and scientific principals for these techniques (The Three Modern Mother Sauces) are understood, you simply start painting flavor structure over the top to create any number of delicious sauces.

In the Technique Section you'll learn:

How to choose the proper cooking technique for meats, seafood, and vegetables, allowing you to get great results no matter what you cook.

A break down of all the major cooking techniques, the science that makes them work, and their best practices.

After completing this section, you'll be able to pick a primary ingredient, build a delicious flavor structure around it, enhance it with a creative sauce, and apply the appropriate cooking technique to achieve the best possible result.

In the Execution Section, you'll learn how to avoid common stumbling blocks that can take your dish from inspired to disastrous.

In fact, execution is the most common failure point for both home cooks and professionals alike. You see, you can have delicious, high end ingredients and a kitchen full of expensive cookware, but if you can't execute your dish, then nothing else matters.

Finally, in the Preparation Section of the F-STEP curriculum, you'll learn important prep techniques to set you up for success, including blanching, brines, and marinades.

Early Adopter Bonuses

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As an early adopter of the written F-STEP Curriculum, you will gain immediate access to a bonus section that contains:

The F-STEP Worksheet to help you build and create your own dishes.

A 30 minute lecture video shot at a past boot camp that explains how to use the F-STEP worksheet to enhance your creative process and to better understand any given dish.

A study guide that organizes important parts of the Stella Culinary content into the five F-STEPS.

The opportunity as an early adopter to suggest new bonus ideas! That's right! I'm not done creating bonuses yet, and as an early adopter, I want to hear your suggestions which you can submit in the private, F-STEP bonus section.

Sous Vide Beef Bourguignon - A video that demonstrates how to take this peasant classic to the next level using the five F-STEPs.

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Culinary Bootcamp & F-STEP Curriculum - Written

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